Chronological News Stories

1987-04-05 Its Protest Time in the County Editorial West County Times

1987-04-19 Join Peace Effort Marjorie Bowman’s Letter to Editor West County Times

1987-06-00 A Missionary Fights Violence with Love from SoJourners Magazine

1987-08-00 Witness for Peace August-September-October Newsletter

1987-06-00 Peace Gazette Mt. Diablo Peace Center action to support Nuremberg Actions

1987-08-27 Peace Group Sets Arm Blockade - CCTimes

1987-09-02 Train Hits, Severely Injures Protester at Navy Base – LA Times

1987-09-02 Trategy on the Tracks - San Jose Mercury News

1987-09-02 Trategy on the Tracks - San Jose Mercury News pg2

1987-09-03 Train Trategy Re-opens Wounds - SJ Mercury News

987-09-03 Navy Medics Unprepared to treat Protester - SJ Mercury News

1987-09-04 From Soldier to Protester - SJ Mercury News

1987-09-04 Protests Mount Over Maiming - SJ Mercury News

1987-09-04 Santa Cruz VFW defies National VFW over Willson - SJ Mercury News

1987-09-05 Concord Protesters are an Unlikely Group - SJ Mercury News

1987-09-05 Speed of Navy Train Disputed - SJ Mercury News

1987-09-05 Condemn the Murderous Assault on Brian Willson – SF Marxist-Leninist Party

1987-09-06 Munitions Train Propels Tiny Movement - SJ Mercury News

1987-09-06 Protesters Tear-up Tracks - SJ Mercury News

1987-09-07 Protesters Keep up the Vigil - SJ Mercury News

1987-09-08 Quiet Day at Navy Facility - SJ Mercury News

1987-09-09 Concord Train Tragedy Probed - SJ Mercury News

1987-09-09 Protester Now Symbol of Cause - SJ Mercury News

1987-09-09 Letter to the Editor - SJ Mercury News

1987-09-10 VFW Dissidents Off the Hook - SJ Mercury News

1987-09-10 Letters to Editor - SJ Mercury News

1987-09-11 Plans devised for Arms Protests - SJ Mercury News

1987-09-12 Willson Holds No iIl Will Toward Train Crew - SJ Mercury News

1987-09-12 Was Protester a Hero or Just Stupid - SJ Mercury News

1987-09-13 Soviets Call Willson a Peace Hero - SJ Mercury News

1987-09-13 Latin American Peace Plan Falls Short Reagon - SJ Mercury News

1987-09-13 Letters to Editor - SJ Mercury News

1987-09-15 Protester was a Patriot, He wasn't Suicidal - SJ Mercury News

1987-09-16 Cat & Mouse Game at Concord Weapons Station - SJ Mercury News

1987-09-16 Wife Says Brian Receiving Death Threats - SJ Mercury News

1987-09-16 Letters to the Editor - SJ Mercury News

1987-10-00 Navy Maims Vet.- The Veteran

1987-10-00 MTDPC October Peace Gazette

1987-10-03 Concord Protest Results in 4 Arrests – SJ Mercury News

1987-10-16 Navy Ends Probe of Willson Case - CCTimes

1987-10-25 Why Demonstrators are Protesting at the Tracks by Chuck Goodmacher - CCTimes

1987-11-24 Verdict on the Willson tragedy – Oakland Tribune Editorial

1988-01-00 NA Article - The Conspiracy SF Nat Lawyer's Guild

1988-01-28 Nuremberg Actions Concord Press Release

1988-02-00 United Church of Christ News February 88

1988-02-06 Prosecutors Ask Judge to Rule Out 2 Arms Protestors Defense Theories - Oakland Tribune

1988-02-06 Judge Leaves Door Open for Protestors to use “Nuremberg” Defense at Trial - Oakland Tribune

1988-02-19 March 4 is Deadline for Navy Train Crew Interview - CCTimes

1988-02-21 Retired , Cmdr. Oliver Everette, former CNWS Officer to Speak on Base Protests – CCTimes

1988-02-22 Navy protestors giving Sleepy Town of Clyde a Real Rude Awakening - SF Examiner

1988-03-24 Nuremberg Actions Concord Press Release - Defendants in “Concord 33” Case File Writ

1988-04-25 Religious Community Letter to Authorities

1988-05-00 Yoga Journal May and June 1988

1990-08-09 Demonstrator Maimed by Navy Train Settles Suit - NY Times

1990-08-09 Legless Peace Activist Says Award Near - LA Times

1991-06-30 NA Abe & Jean Zwickle - CCTimes

1991-06-30 NA Abe & Jean Zwickle - CCTimes V2

1991-06-30 NA Abe & Jean Zwickle - CCTimes V3

1997-06-10 Weapons protesters in Concord have faded to a faithful few - SF Gate

1997-08-31 BACK IN ACTION protest at the CNWS, 10 years ago tomorrow SF Gate

2005-08-11 VFP - Celebrating 20 Years of Reconciliation & Resistance - Common Dreams

2007-09-01 Nuremberg Actions' Brian Willson celebrates 20 years of resistance - SFGate

2011-08-25 NA Reunion - Berkelry Times

2012-09-01 Remembering a tragic protest for peace - SFGate

2017-09-01 Honoring 30th Anniversary of activist S. Brian Willson’s ordeal - Clear Actions News