33rd Anniversary of Nuremberg Actions

September 1, 2020
Virtual on Zoom

Hello friends from the Tracks--

Sept 1 is the anniversary of the train assault on Brian Willson at Nuremberg Actions. Many of us past participants will gather virtually at 11am on that Tuesday, Sept. 1st to celebrate the friendship and courage and determination that so many showed for more than two and a half years there.

It will be wonderful to have the opportunity to catch up with each other about our lives since those days. You were such an important part of Nuremberg Actions, and we hope you will join in the gathering. This will not be a political event, just a friendly visit and sharing event.

If you participated in the Nuremberg Actions and would like to participate in this Virtual get together:


--Will you be able to join us on September 1st? (even for a part of the call)?

--Have you used ZOOM before? (if not, no worries--Sherri will go through it with you)

--Can you tell us your name, phone number, e-mail address and approximate time period you might have participated? Are you in any of our photos? Do you have any photos of your own to share?

-- E-mail your response to Zoom space is limited to about 100, so we can’t guarantee participation for everyone. Preference will be based on one’s level of involvement if we get too many requests to join.

In mid-August we will be back in touch with you with those who have said YES with specific information about how to join the zoom conversation that day. Please email us if you have any questions prior to receiving the details for the gathering at


Jennifer V., Sherri M, Mark C and Michael K

NOTE: Regardless, of your participation in this event , the website would still like to encourage you to share your experiences and photos. Please send your photos, links and stories about Nuremberg Actions to the following webmaster at Hopefully the photos will jog your memory!

In Peace & Justice.

Michael Kerr