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?Rabia "Our Mother Terresa"

Holly Rauen

Gabriel "Gabe" Rauen

Nancy Reimer

@Phil Ritter

Dennis Rivers

@Nancy Romero

Betsy Rose

@Bob Russell

+Scott Rutherford

Carolyn Scarr

Ilana Schatz

Eldred Schneider

@+Woody Schwartz

@Doug Schwinn?

+Maylie Scott

Martin Sheen

@Leslie Simon

@+Lt. Doug Sizemore

+Allan Solomonow

+Robert Spitzer

@Steve S ?

@Ted Thomas

+Lee Thorn

@+Jonathan Timmer

@Victor Vasquez

Cres Vellucci

@Max Ventura

Jennifer O. Viereck

@Sydney Vilen

Vince Travis

Dominic Von Zaben

@Pam Wellish

Daniel Werner

@+Jim Wilcott

David Wiley

@+Lee Williamson

Brian Willson

@Chris Wray

+Abraham & +Jean Zwickle

Daniel Zwickel Ben Avram