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August -September 2020 the following people have submitted material for the website. Thank you. I hope there will be more in future.

Michael Kerr - original data research for website

Jenifer Viereck , Sherri Maurin, Mark Coplan and David Hartsough for the research on names of Nuremberg Actions activists

Mark Coplan for videos.

Charles Goodmacher, Caroline Scarr and David Hartsough for documeents and info varioue people.

I apologize as I believe I have overlooked a few people at this time.


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Pierre Blais, Ken Butigan, Jesus Campos, Andrea Carmen, John Coker, Marty Coleski, Mark Coplan, David Duncombe, Freedom Song Network, Steve Frein, Charles Goodmacher, Dorothy Granada, David Hartsough, Anthony Holdsworth, Cynthia Johnson, Michael E Kerr, Shannah Kurland, Charlene Kuykendall, Evelyn Martinez, Sherri Maurin, Hal Muskat, Wes Nicholson. Karen Parker, Utah Phillips, Diane Poole, Nancy Reimer, Nancy Romero, Scott Rutherford, Doug Schwinn, Caroline Scarr, Eldred Scheider, Leslie Simon, Max Ventura, Jenifer Viereck, Pam Wellish, Daniel Werner, David Wiley, Brian Willson, Dominic Von Zaben, Daniel Zwickel

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